It’s time to go forward…So where is forward?

There comes a time your life where you know you have to move forward. The old patterns don’t work anymore and it’s time to create.  When it comes down to it, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

For instance, my particular place of work, is my career. It has had its ups and downs; backwards and forwards; lefts and rights. All to land originally in the place that it started.  Where I shouldn’t have been in the first place.

I am sure I am not the only one. But since I am the author of this blog, I get to talk about my own instances since that’s what I have to draw on.

My search for the greatest career of all time started in my sophomore year of high school.  Those are the days of the ASVAB testing, PSATs and SATs. I also threw in a few of my own personal career finding tests through the career center at my high school. I couldn’t come up with anything.  I came up with a great list of personality traits though.  Gregarious, leader, team player, efficient, easy going, detail oriented, casual. See the dichotomy here? I have traits suited for several different careers. Careers that MIGHT serve well for my personality type. But what about me? What about my spirit? What about humanity? None of those careers sparked any excitement in me.  The only thing that really sparked me was music, dancing, drama.  And I was doing those. As a hobby. It never occurred to me to look at those past high school though.

Do you want to know how I made the big decision? How I crossed the chasm that linked the many years of my future to the moment of now?

I decided that I liked traveling. Therefore I would go work in a hotel.

Now mind you, I have never worked in a hotel before. But I figured what the hell? So when I graduated, I had my choice of 3 colleges. Now, I could spout off a whole story of the many things that have happened to me between now and then, but that’s a pilot for another soap opera, on some other day.  But I will tell you: I wish I would have been self aware enough to follow my heart. That very clearly wouldn’t have been to hotels. It wouldn’t have been switching to a degree in Business Admin either, or becoming a perpetual student due to constant changes in majors because I wasn’t happy. It wouldn’t have been working 10 years in jobs that sucked the soul out of me because I couldn’t figure out what else to do while I was being a perpetual student.

However, I had things that I needed to learn and get through. And here I am today, valuing how much I love the career I have chosen.  And also SO frustrated with my younger self for not realizing how important it is to pursue what we really love.

Because folks, I have a revelation for you:  that’s how we make our contribution to society.

I spent years struggling against my part in this world. It’s no wonder that these few years later, I am back at square one. But I am CHOOSING to look at it this way: I now have an opportunity for a do-over. How many times do we get to go through that in life?  I have a chance to make things right and follow my heart. My heart sings when I make people laugh or cry with my performance. I am on cloud nine when I have people come up to me after a scene in class that touched them so much, they can’t wait to work with me. I LOVE the energy of being in front of an audience, taking them away from their current life challenges, or inspiring them to make changes in the way they face these challenges.  Why did I wait so long to do this? Why did I ever take my place in this world and throw it back in the face of the universe? Was I so blind? Was I so wrapped up in what every one thought of me? Was I so caught up with how much money I should be making with a sensible job?

Following what we love, puts us in the position to inspire mankind, to contribute our emotional, physical, and monetary resources.  It also opens up avenues for us to thrive and grow emotionally, physically and monetarily.

So, what I want to find out, is how many people made their decision the same way?

How many people floundered into their late twenties, almost thirty, denying what they truly love?

What are YOU going to change in yourself to amend that tremendous disservice to yourself and the rest of us? What’s your passion?

If you were going to die in three days, what would you do with your time left in this world?

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