Back and better than ever

This site was originally going to be all about acting. But then I changed my mind. Surprised? I wouldn’t be if I were you. But go ahead with your bad self.

So this is going to be an overall sharing of my thoughts on life and my experiences on earth. An online journal, if you will. I’ll share about my creative pursuits, share some of my writing and all kinds of other fun things. (Obviously this really caters to the writer in me.)

I’ll be telling all kinds of stories. I’ll be changing the names. You’ll never get to know who I’m talking about. They are my experiences after all and I can talk about them if I want to. But I respect that not everybody wants to be identified.  If anybody can relate, or learn, or be inspired, that’s all I seek to do.  (If you want to hear names, I do have a Yelp! profile I sorely need to update my reviews over there so bear with me. )

I also wanted to steer away from the social networking scene as the sole form of my communication. It’s blown up into some DRAMA man. It’s ridiculous. So if you just want the fluff, feel free to visit those. I’m just tired of having the 133859893 sites that there are out there, and would like to condense it and focus the traffic to one spot when it comes to storytelling. I’ll save the social networks for just that: socializing. That’s it. Not any kind of platform for stating what I believe or how I feel, or what I’m doing. If you want that, you have the option of coming here.

I look at sites like FB, Google+ and the like, as spots akin to a coffee shop. It’s where you go to get a particular experience. You want the coffee and a light and brief social exchange, and maybe a free single of the week. But if you want the lobster and champagne, you go to a different caliber of spot. So there ya go.

We’ll see how this works out.

You can find all of my social network memberships here.

See you soon!

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4 thoughts on “Back and better than ever

  1. It going to be fun reading about our adventures that you will be sharing with changed names of course. Just so you know my alter ego name is Jessica 🙂


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