Writing Prompts: Fascinating Folks

Missive goal: Someone who fascinates me and why?

While there are many people who fascinate me, I think I have to narrow it down to the one man that has shaped a HUGE portion of my life: Walt Disney.


This is one of my FAVOURITE pictures of him – taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt

My fascination with Walt came to me at a very early age. You see, rumour has it, that I was conceived on a trip to Disneyland. It has been embedded in my psyche from a very early age. It was considered my safe haven, my home away from home. It made sense, in the moments that I couldn’t physically BE in Disneyland, I read all the stories and books they based their movies and attractions on. And that included the books of how Disneyland came to be. And then from there, it became about reading books on Walt Disney himself. I became more and more fascinated as time went on. What made him tick? How did he come up with all of his ideas? What was his life REALLY like (behind all the sappy syrupy image that the Disney Corporation now feeds the public)? What happened after he died?

It made sense that as soon as I could, I got a job at The Disney Store. It opened the door to my many other adventures with Disney, and as far as work experience goes, to a now, 19 year relationship with the company.

When I moved to LA, the first thing I did was start to visit all of the places he lived, worked, played, and moved to. I am still working on that list. It’s very long and some things haven’t been so accessible to me. For instance, Clifton’s was a place he would frequent. But it was closed and then they renovated but now, finally, it’s open! So that’s on my list. And the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour that ends in his Apartment over the Fire Station on Main Street – haven’t done that yet either. Not that I need the tour – of the MYRIAD of books I’ve read, I already know many of his routines and walks around the park. But what I would pay the money for is the opportunity to see his Apartment. I have yet to see the man’s Apartment. Grr. Yes. I know I work there. But no, I have not found the opportunity yet. It will happen though. Worry not!

Now I suppose if he were alive, I’d be considered a stalker. I’d like to think that I’d be a very polite one though. I wouldn’t snap any “unauthorized” pics, or interrupt his dinner or anything. That’s not how I roll – I am the Queen of Etiquette after all. I would just hang out in the park and see if I could catch a glimpse. Maybe even shake the man’s hand, or *gasp* get to work with him on some crazy brilliant project like E.P.C.O.T. (and I mean the REAL E.P.C.O.T., not what took it’s place after he passed)

This is enough for now. It’s made me think that maybe I should start a blog page documenting some of the spots I’ve been etc….hmmmmmmm


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