All the buzz..

Here some stuff that people have said about me when I’m in, well, en mode actrice.


“I’ve had the honor of directing Jennifer Larson in three different productions, and on every occasion she’s found expressions for her characters which I had never imagined. When we began writing “Witch Creek”, our first feature film, we decided to build the film around Jennifer’s incredible abilities, and have been richly rewarded with an astonishing performance that we can’t wait to share with the world. Jennifer is an incredible talent, and I’m very proud that we’ll be the first to present her in a feature length film.”

–Neal Hallford, Producer/Director, Swords and Circuitry Studios

“Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for you helping me out with my film. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences. It is really commendable how you came through on such a short notice and delivered admirable performance. Your feedback and spontaneity is what will make this film unique. This is one project that I am very proud of mostly because of the experience I had on the set with you….it was really admirable how you picked up the pieces and made things work beyond my wildest expectations…it was wonderful working with you and I hope that we may have the opportunity to do it again in future. Thank you for everything.”

–Sujit Anand, Director, “Caught”


Performances in STOP KISS at Ventura Court Theatre

“If you’re in the LA area and you haven’t seen this phenomenal play featuring our “Witch Creek” leading lady Jennifer Larson, you should make time this evening. great play, a great performance, and a very talented cast.”

“It was so great to see you in action! You were so great! Two such different characters. What fun…”

“Ok wait so we were trying to figure this out still, that was you in both roles? F’in brilliant! Serious note: Great Job!!!”

“STOP KISS was wonderful! I’m so glad…I went to opening night! You and your STOP KISS colleagues can be very proud of this production!”

“Last night I saw the most exquisite piece of theater I have ever seen on the West Coast. 

“Stop Kiss” … I encourage you to go out and support some of the best theater I’ve ever witnessed in LA!”







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